Cargo theft from containers and trailers on British Roads is a growing problem costing businesses and haulage firms hundreds of thousands of pounds in claims and increased insurance premiums.

In 2010, more than £25 million worth of goods were stolen from lorries parked up for the night. Latest figures released show the figure has actually increased in the last 3 years.

Marine law , and the transit of goods from overseas can be complex and claims for theft or shortages can often run on for years. Shippers and receivers seem to lock antlers whilst insurance companies , loss adjusters and shipping lines counterclaim and repudiate liability.

There are many different 'terms of shipment' insurance and liability can even become the responsibility of the importer  as soon as the cargo leaves the exporters warehouse , thousands of miles away !

Quite often , a shortage of goods is claimed by the importer , but when the consignment has already been paid for a claim is almost futile.

Raithby Investigations have trained operatives that have been involved in the shipping and transport industry for over 25 years. We understand the entire supply chain network.

Below are just some of the services we can offer :

Covert Surveillance of goods in transit from / to Docks or warehouse

GPS and GMS tracking and hidden cargo cameras.

Cargo Theft Investigations

 Attendance and witness to loading and unloading of high value consignments

In the supply chain route of a shipping container or trailer , the journey taken by the haulage contractor to or from the docks and warehouse are often the most vulnerable especially when drivers need to park up for the night.

In addition to the above services we can also contract in specialist services to assist theft investigations :

Crime Scene attendance

 Photographic / Video evidence

 Interview and Statement Taking

 Mobile Phone Forensics

 Toxicology Forensics

 Polygraph Testing

If you are a concerned your next consignment may be at risk , or perhaps you need assistance following a recent claim against you , give Raithby Investigations a call on Free Phone 0800 093 7896 or email us on

Cargo Theft Investigations