Do you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating on you ?

This field of investigation is probably one of the most sought after services we provide. In fact it invariably combines all of our services.

If you suspect your partner of cheating , there are often many obvious signs. A change in personal appearance perhaps and fashion trends, a little more care with personal grooming than usual. An urge to join a gym or fitness class or new diet. This does not of course mean your partner may be cheating but other indications may arise your suspicions. Closely guarded mobile phones, or deleting every text. In today's society, Social Networking sites seem to be the more popular form of communicating, Is your partner or spouse spending a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter, have they recently changed passwords or added passwords to certain folders.

You know your partner probably better than anyone else so if you have any doubts or suspicions call Raithby Investigations for a free confidential chat. Call Free on 0800 093 7896 or if you prefer why not email us from a secure web mail address to

Infidelity Investigations