The successful outcome of many legal cases can often rest on just a single paramount piece of evidence. At Raithby Investigations we understand the need for accuracy and at times speed in gathering the required evidence you need, maybe the aforementioned services are vital, especially when the urgent trace and process serve on a key witness is required. Or possibly the evidence of infidelity is paramount to present to the divorce court.

Much of our daily evidence gathering is to satisfy out of court proceedings. Raithby Investigations offer specialist family history and genealogy researchers to assist in tracing beneficiaries  in a last will and testament. Perhaps a family member has long since emigrated. Often families become separated through adoption , divorce and fostering.

On a commercial and corporate level, our company can assist in background checks on individuals and companies presenting detailed due diligence reports ahead of a potential acquisition of merger.

Raithby Investigations also work closely with the Insolvency Service searching for possible hidden assets in a bankruptcy and liquidation cases. Working completely independent of any scenario , frequently our findings are simply to support facts already presented by other third parties.  

Legal Support Services